Thursday, 4 September 2008

Home Delivery: System3 - All Systems Go

The stackable SYSTEM3, by Austrian architects Oscar Leo Kaufmann and Albert Rüf [], boasts the elongated shape of a shipping container. Inside, its austere bearing gives way to a more luxurious simplicity, thanks to amenities like an elegantly spare dining set, luxe Gaggenau appliances, and circular windows that create intriguing light effects. The design takes advantage of existing prefab technologies like CNC milling, which allows an incredible level of accuracy and customization, too; clients can choose the position, shape, and size of every window. Firm architect Jochen Specht took a break from blogging on MoMA’s exhibition journal to answer a few of our most pressing questions.

Was CNC milling part of the concept from the outset?
Our design was determined by the possibilities of the milling process. That’s why we do not have windows that extend to the floor or the ceiling—otherwise a wall element would not be stable enough to be craned. Furthermore, as you may have noticed, the windows’ corners are round; this is due to the size of the milling head—you can’t mill sharp corners. More after the jump.


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