Tuesday, 26 August 2008

L'auberge du Bonheur نـــزل الـــســـرور ♪ Ziad Rahbani زيــاد رحــبــانــي‎

Album :
Nazl El Sorour نـــزل الـــســـرور
L'auberge du Bonheur

Artist :
Ziad Rahbani زيــاد رحــبــانــي‎

Index :

Language : Arabic

Country : Lebanon

Melodies :
[.01.] Oum Fout Nam
[.02.] Á'ieshe Wahda Balak
[.03.] El Hale Ta'abani Ya Layla
[.04.] Nazl El Sourour
[.05.] Han El Haded
[.06.] Ana Elli Alayki Meshta'a
[.07.] Dalli Edhakilou Ya Sabeya
[.08.] Ya Nour Enaya
[.09.] Mashi El Hal
[.10.] Raj'a Be Eznellah
[.11.] Ya Bent Ellma'awen
[.12.] Saherna Yaboul Ahbab
[.13.] Ya Zaman El Ta'efeye
[.14.] Esma'a Ya Reda
[.15.] Á'ahadier El Bousta

Download From Here. [59.1 Mo]


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Basil Samara said...

Dear Asem:
This is a wonderful blog. It is obvious that it was created with much care and passion and I know that I will be visiting it often. I arrived at your site following a search for Ziad's Nazl Es-Sorour. I was also interested in Sahriyyeh but couldn't find it at the site. Is it there? I will let you Know of my interest in these 2 musicals it there is a way to contact you privately.

Also, I was interested in looking at your profile, but the link did not lead to it.

Allah Ya'teek el-'Afiya,

Basil Samara