Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Sohn des Südens ابن الجنوب ♪ Marwan Abado مروان عبادو + Marakeb مراكب ♪ Marwan Abado and Peter Rosmanith مروان عبادو و بيتر روسمانس

Album : Sohn des Südens ابن الجنوب
Artist : Marwan Abado مروان عبادو
Country : Palestine فلسطين
Melodies :
(1).: Besuch in Jerusalem مريت اليوم على القدس
(2).: Schuld der Blumen? شو ذنب
(3).: Dahia دحّيّآ
(4).: Oh Nacht يا ليل
(5).: Sohn des Südens ابن الجنوب
(6).: Geh! روح
(7).: Wein وين
(8).: Ein Gebet صلاة


Album : Marakeb مراكب

Artists :
Marwan Abado and Peter Rosmanith
مروان عبادو و بيتر روسمانس

Country : Palestine -Austria فلسطين - استراليا

Melodies :
(1). Marakeb مراكب
(2). Jammal جمّال
(3). Sahara Palace قصر الصحراء
(4). Love Letters From Litschau حروف حب من لتشاو
(5). Mat'r مطر
(6). Fattoush فتوش
(7). Hawa Shmali هوى شمالي
(8). Flotte Lotte فلوت لوت
(9). Kalam كلام
(10). Nami Ya Hanin نامي ياحنين
(11). Marakeb [Multimedia Track] مراكب فيديو

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Kabila - Marwan Abado

. MARWAN ABDO's Website :
. Peter Rosmanith was born in the Waldviertel and moved to Vienna shortly after. He lived through the normal youth of a future musician, playing in various bands as percussionist, with performances in garages, pubs and churches.
At the music academy in Vienna, Peter Rosmanith took lessons in Jazz-drums and Percussion at the music academy in Vienna with Prof. Fritz Ozmec. In the meanwhile he devoted his time to foreign- European music and occupied himself with Indian, Arabian and Afro-Cuban rhythm and took tabla lessons with the famous Indian drummer Jatinder Takur, who lives in Vienna. He was and is participant at various international Percussion-workshops.
Peter Rosmanith's „Percussion box“ ranges from the African “Balaphon” to the Arabian “Rahmentrommel” and the Indian “Tablas” to the Caribbean Steeldrum and is supplemeted every now and then by ready mades – his hands transform nearly everything into music.
Apart from his engagement in diverse Worldmusic-Formations (Otto Lechner, Liederlich Spielleut, Lakis & Achwach, Klaus Trabitsch, Dobrek Bistro, Bethlehem All Stars, Christina Zurbrügg u.v.m.), Peter Rosmanith also works as a composer and musician for theatre and film productions as well as radio plays (Theater in der Josefstadt, Wiener Festwochen, Theater der Jugend, Hörspiele für den ORF, SWR and many more). Besides, he works regularly with the Theatro Piccolo and Marko Simsa at theatre productions for young audiences.

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